Pocket Book SDK

(Supported: PocketBook 301+,302,360,360+,602,603,902,903)

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1. Why another SDK?

This SDK has the same compilers/libraries/headers as the Official PocketBook SDK.


2. Download

3. Install

3.1. Debian-based distributions

dpkg -i <package>.deb

3.2. Redhat-based distributions

1. Convert package to RPM:  alien -r dpkg -i <package>.deb;
2. Install rpm;

3.3. Other distributions

1. Convert package to TGZ:  alien -t dpkg -i <package>.deb;
2. Copy "usr" directory from the package to your "/usr" directory ander root.

4. Building the example

To run the program, built under emulator:

4. Questions/troubleshooting

1. Russian forum;
2. English forum.